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Ransomware Hits the iPhone

For all those who have been told Apple’s devices don’t suffer the security issues that Microsoft devices do this article may come as a shock.  For those who know that Apple devices are frequently the first operating system hacked at hacker’s conventions you won’t be surprised at all. Ransomware, executed via Apple iCloud’s “Find my … Continue reading

Another Infected Email

Although this one is funny as it gives you instructions to get infected… The question is how many people will follow these instructions and get infected… Remember the rule for .ZIP files is if you don’t know who it’s from, or aren’t expecting it, DON’T OPEN IT!!! If you think it might be legitimate, but … Continue reading

New Microsoft Internet Explorer Exploit Is A Big Problem For XP Users

A new exploit targeting Internet Explorer versions 9 to 11 has been discovered; Microsoft has assigned CVE-2014-1776 to this exploit and is tracking the issue.  While the target is Internet Explorer versions 9-11 the vulnerability being exploited is found in version 6 through 11. From Microsoft’s Security Advisory, “The vulnerability…could allow an attacker to execute … Continue reading

Then Along Came CryptorBit

CryptoLocker was, by all appearances, amazingly successful for the cyber criminal(s) who created it.  So it is not surprising that other cyber criminals wanted to join in their success. Along came CryptorBit Ransomware, aka HowDecrypt, discovered last December.  The good news about CryptorBit is that it has proven far less effective than CryptoLocker. CryptorBit targets … Continue reading