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More Domain Extensions Being Released

Another week, another set of new domain extensions.  Out for general availability Wednesday March 26th at 8:00am PST are .BUILDERS .TRAINING .EMAIL .SOLUTIONS .SUPPORT .BUILDERS may prove very popular for general contractors or new home construction. The rest of the release can be used a little more generically. Other than .BUILDERS these aren’t necessarily as … Continue reading

Then Along Came CryptorBit

CryptoLocker was, by all appearances, amazingly successful for the cyber criminal(s) who created it.  So it is not surprising that other cyber criminals wanted to join in their success. Along came CryptorBit Ransomware, aka HowDecrypt, discovered last December.  The good news about CryptorBit is that it has proven far less effective than CryptoLocker. CryptorBit targets … Continue reading