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Nevada’s Big Give Day

Tomorrow, April 25th is Nevada’s Big Give Day.  A day where Nevadans comes out in force to support local non-profits.  Last year donations in the 24 hours of the Nevada Big Give totaled over $555,000.  Participating charities also have the opportunity to win prizes during the event, such as $5000 for the most unique donors. … Continue reading

Would You Click On An Unknown Link?

For those that don’t know is one of the many URL shortening services. and are others you might be familiar with. links can be very helpful.  First they give you the ability to shorten very long or complicated URLs you need to send, such as taking, to the online domain registration site … Continue reading

More Domain Extensions Being Released

Another week, another set of new domain extensions.  Out for general availability Wednesday March 26th at 8:00am PST are .BUILDERS .TRAINING .EMAIL .SOLUTIONS .SUPPORT .BUILDERS may prove very popular for general contractors or new home construction. The rest of the release can be used a little more generically. Other than .BUILDERS these aren’t necessarily as … Continue reading

New Domains Released March 5th

Lots of opportunity for fun blogs and businesses this week.  So much can be done for those involved in cooking or diets with .RECIPES.  .SHOES offers all kinds of opportunity for fashion bloggers and enthusiasts. or comes to mind. Out for general availability Wednesday March 5th at 8:00am PST are .CAREERS .PHOTOS .RECIPES … Continue reading

New Domain Extensions Are Here

This is an exciting time in domain registrations and likely going to get exciting for Intellectual Property attorneys. February 5th seven new domain extension released: .PLUMBING .VENTURES .HOLDINGS .BIKE .SINGLES .CLOTHING .GURU Some appear likely to be more popular than others, like .PLUMBING for local plumbing companies and .BIKE for local bike shops as well … Continue reading